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"Víctor Sagi: "The best of the Barcelona World Race is yet to come""

For a sports-mad publicist, directing an advertising campaign for a round the world event is certainly attractive; but if that round the world event is the Barcelona World Race and the publicist is from Barcelona and is also one of Spain's pioneers in the sport of ocean sailing, then that attraction is transformed into full-blown passion. For Víctor Sagi, the Managing Director of the Dribbling Publicitat advertising agency, and part of a three-generation deep saga of "publicists...

"Interview with Mike Roman: “The Barcelona World Race skippers will be scientists out there...”"

Mike Roman is Past-President of The Oceanographic Society (TOS) and President of the Scientific Committee for the 2nd International Ocean Research Conference to be held in Barcelona from the 17th to...

"Juan Porcar: “Technology is essential, but the athlete's ability must always come first”"

A Dakar Rally veteran, an ocean sailor, a competition organiser, communicator, businessman and a tireless adventurer, Juan Porcar is one of the most relevant voices in the debate on open formats...

"Guillermo Altadill: “It's important to keep up dinghy sailing”"

Guillermo Altadill is considered one of the world's leading experts on all types of boat and regattas at the very highest level; from Olympic sailing to round the world records. Therefore, his...

"J. L. Valdés: “Environmental sustainability can only be achieved if we change our behaviour and our relationship with the sea”"

The Head of Ocean Sciences of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC-UNESCO) outlined the current status of scientific investigations looking into how climate change is...

"Marcel Van Triest: “We still know very little about the ice in the Southern Ocean”"

The Barcelona World Race meteorologist knows the secrets of the seas of the Southern Hemisphere better than most, having sailed through them in five circumnavigations of the globe. As onshore router...

"“Performance is based on accepting the risk of failure and taking decisions”. An interview with Pep Font"


"Kito de Pavant: “Four years ago I was naïve”"


"Lionheart Back Again. Interview with Mike Golding"


"The next generation sets off"

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